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What is the Story?

This book written is by me, Lyn Smith, also known as Froggy. It is about my start in life, my family, marriages, relationships, careers, disasters, successes, and how I survived prison life. It also highlights life after prison, and finally finding the confidence to write my story.

Why have I written this book?

I felt the urge to write this book, so I can overcome any problems that I may come across in the future. I am not ashamed to say I have been to prison. However, I have come to realise that having experienced what you will read in this book that there is always someone around to knock you down in business. What better fodder could they have than letting someone know that I have served a prison sentence?

By publicly acknowledging the details I hope that it will hopefully eliminate such a thing happening to me ever again.

Who are the characters?

Many of the characters mentioned by name are people I love or respect and sometimes even both. The nameless characters who appear in the book are obviously the ones who have created problems for me in life. If you are reading this story and recognise yourself, you will know who you are and which camp you fall into.

Celebrity Endorsement

I mention famous names that I have had the privilege of helping me succeed in my climb up the ladder of success – I do hope these wonderful people do not mind, as I have not embellished in anyway and only named them when it is truly relevant to the story, not to use them in anyway.

What I hope you will learn from my experience

There is a lesson to be learned for everyone from what happened to me, follow your instincts instead of ignoring warning bells. I am a perfect picture of how a normal human being who comes up with an idea and manages to reach her ambitions stemming from a hobby can breed jealously and contempt. Having been successful in reaching my ambitions, you will read how greed and corruption spoilt that dream leading to serious consequences.

Anyone reading my book may take comfort from knowing that if you have experienced similar circumstances you are not alone, hold your head up high, and do not get angry, just get even.

Someone once told me, if ever you are in trouble and a friend or colleague walks away from you, you can guarantee this person has skeletons in their cupboard. I believe this to be wholly true.

By Kind Permission of Cheshire Life
By Kind Permission of Cheshire Life
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