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Great Read, Great Woman

Great story of the highs and lows of a remarkable life. Once I started, I couldn’t stop reading. to be wholly true.

Velvet Bunny

Excellent Book

Great read and insight into the world of Lyn Smith, ups and downs aplenty but a gripping read with a book very hard to put down.

Karen Thomas

Excellent Read

An excellent read and what a story about the twists and turns that life can take and one woman’s courageous journey to come out on the other side, a very courageous woman.

Matthew Porteus

Lovely Lady

Bless you, there is no indignity in your prison sentence, only the absurdity of it… keep smiling, you have nothing to be ashamed of… 🙏🌈 x

Amazon Customer

Excellent book about an amazing woman

Intriguing story about how the legal system can be very unjust. Lyn coped amazingly when she found herself in situations that most of us couldn’t imagine. An excellent read written in her own words straight from the heart.

Amazon Customer

Great Read

This book had me in tears but also made me laugh – read it in 2 days; what a life this woman has had and hopefully it will change for her now.

Janet Parker

Brilliant Book

This book is brilliant well done Lyn it has been written from the heart.

D Kells

A Brilliant Read

An absolute good read, couldn’t put it down. I have the pleasure to have froggy in my life such a beautiful person inside & out it’s just shocking what she had to go through from someone else’s doing 😡

Scott Dunbarr

A Brilliant Read

A very interesting read, acknowledging the hardships encountered by many people on their way up the ladder, and a marvellous insight into women’s prisons, i really enjoyed this book (and i cant remember the last time i read one) am hoping there will be a follow up! Think this lady deserves a break!


Heart breaking, interesting and funny, all in one read

So interesting! The world of a normal business woman who trusts with her heart but is constantly taken advantage of. Written in a way you feel like you are there living it with Lyn.

A Story Of Courage and Determination in Business and Life